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With the electors of the Electoral College set to convene in state capitals across the country Monday to make the results of the presidential election official, many are calling on Republican electors to go against President-elect Donald Trump.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Tucker Carlson said any electors who go against the public vote are betraying their pledge and their commitment to democracy.

Carlson said Article 2 of the Constitution is perfectly clear that electors are supposed to vote as the people of their states did.

"There’s no mention of voting your conscience," Carlson said. "And so for my lifetime, the left made a pretty strong case in favor of democracy. You know, empowering people to choose their government."

He accused them of making the opposite case now.

"They’re basically saying: It doesn’t matter than 62 million people voted for Trump, it doesn’t matter that we just had an election, it’s immaterial, 37 Republican electors should switch their votes, those 37 people should choose the next president," Carlson said. "They don’t believe in democracy."

"Whatever achieving power takes is what they’re willing to do, because it’s not about ideas. It’s about control."

Watch the segment above, and tune in to "Tucker Carlson Tonight" weekdays at 7:00 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.

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