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Following Sunday's remarks by former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta on NBC's "Meet the Press" saying the election was not free and fair, Karl Rove had some strong words for the Democratic Party.

Rove, a former White House deputy chief of staff and Fox News contributor, slammed the Democrats for exploring multiple avenues to contest the election results.

Instead, the Democrats should be looking at their "absence of a compelling message" and their "dreadful candidate" as the reasons they lost, Rove told Bill Hemmer.

"They are blaming the Russians for the failure of the Clinton campaign to actually have a campaign," Rove said. "And I thought it was pathetic yesterday that after piously lecturing the American public that Donald Trump should accept the outcome of the election that they are now not accepting the outcome of the election."

Rather than blaming themselves, Rove said Democratic leaders are "fortifying their bubble" by continuing to list excuses of why they lost the election.

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