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President-elect Donald Trump fired back at a New York Times columnist who appeared to suggest on Twitter that a "9/11"-type attack would help him politically.

"Thought: There was [rightly] a cloud of illegitimacy over Bush, dispelled [wrongly] by 9/11. Creates some interesting incentives for Trump," Paul Krugman tweeted.

At a weekend rally, Trump called Krugman a "clown" and "demented" for suggesting he "wanted another World Trade Center catastrophe because it's good for my base."

Responding again to Trump, Krugman clarified his earlier message, saying the president-elect would welcome the opportunity to "exploit a real terrorist attack" or engage in an American version of the Falklands War, when Great Britain battled Argentina for islands off the South American coast.

Krugman, also an economics professor Emeritus at Princeton University, added that "picking a fight with a foreign power [could] rally [his] home base," alleging the Iraq War had "elements" of such.

"It's scary stuff that someone would be thinking this way and then put it out there," Charles Payne said of Krugman, "he's been notoriously wrong."

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