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Members of the Electoral College are meeting in state capitols across the nation Monday to officially cast their votes for the next president.

This is normally a formality, but based on this year's election cycle, why would anything be even close to normal?

Democrats are still seeking to block Donald Trump's victory, even going so far as to intimidate Republican electors into changing their votes.

Robert Graham, an Arizona elector and state GOP chairman, joined Steve Doocy Monday on "Fox & Friends" to discuss the intimidation he and his fellow electors have faced leading up to the vote.

Graham said he was followed while driving by a number of people taking his photo on their smartphones. He also said multiple cars have been slowly passing his home on numerous occasions.

In Monday's vote, 37 Republican electors would have to change their vote in order for the election to be contested.

Votes are set to be officially counted January 6.

Watch the above segment, and tell us what you think.

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