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An employee at an Indiana manufacturing plant said he will possibly have to train his Mexican replacement if his job is terminated next year due to outsourcing.

Kyle Beaman praised President-elect Donald Trump's actions that led to the saving of more than 1,000 jobs at a nearby Carrier plant, but said he and his fellow at-risk employees at Rexnord must hold him accountable for his promises.

Beaman also said First Lady Michelle Obama was entitled to her opinion after telling Oprah Winfrey she sees 'hope' fading as her family leaves the White House.

"I'm one of the ones that's living on hope," Beaman said, "A lot of companies are facing the same dilemma that Carrier and Rexnord have faced."

Beaman acknowledged Trump has "a lot on his plate" as Inauguration Day approaches but still hopes he will intervene as he did in saving Carrier's American workers.

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