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Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said Democrats fell short in the 2016 elections because they did not focus on some of the issues most important to the average voter.

"We win when we talk about economics," Ryan said, "If we both talk about economics-- both Republicans and Democrats-- I feel like Democrats have the best chance at winning."

Ryan said Democrats by and large did not talk enough about working-class issues, and gave the example of Trump's blowout win in West Virginia, where those topics are at the forefront:

"We got beat by 28 percent in rural communities [there]; that's unacceptable."

He said that most people in his district are not concerned with the stock market but instead their own personal savings:

"If they lose one paycheck, their life comes completely unraveled," he said.

Ryan unsuccessfully challenged House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for her leadership position this year.

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