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Of the group of Hollywood celebrities that said they would move to Canada, or elsewhere, if Republican President-elect Donald Trump won the election, none have followed through on their plans, Fox & Friends reported.

Canada's immigration services department said only 28 Americans have applied for 'Trump-related refugee status', according to Heat Street, and none of them appear to be celebrities.

Comedians Rosie O'Donnell, Jon Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg, and performers Miley Cyrus, Samuel L. Jackson, Amy Schumer and Cher were among the dozen or so celebrities that threatened to leave the states if Trump was elected.

At least one celebrity who threatened to leave has changed his tune, however.

Bryan Cranston, of 'Breaking Bad' and 'Malcolm in the Middle' fame, told the Today Show that he now wants Trump to succeed.

Cranston recently reprised his role as teacher-turned-drug-manufacturer Walter White to take a comedic jab at Trump's cabinet nominees on Saturday Night Live.

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