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This week on "The Greg Gutfeld Show," Greg took aim at the celebrities who appeared in a public service announcement imploring Republican electors not to vote for President-elect Donald Trump.

Martin Sheen starred in the video alongside Noah Wylie, Debra Messing, Moby, Richard Schiff and others, who asked electors not to allow Trump to collect the 270 votes needed to officially become 'president-elect'.

Gutfeld riffed on Sheen's prominence in the video, asking rhetorically whether people realize he was not a 'real' president, despite playing 'Josiah Bartlet' in "The West Wing":

"They roll him out as if he actually took the Oath of Office. When Martin Sheen tells me to do something, I know the right thing to do is the opposite. Clearly his advice didn't help his son Charlie," Gutfeld said.

"I love how hard they're trying not to sound hysterical," he said, calling similar videos featuring celebrities stumping for Clinton "the laxative that flushed her out" of presidential contention.

Watch Greg's full monologue above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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