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Washington state elector Bret Chiafalo is hoping to convince his Electoral College colleagues to select someone other than President-elect Donald Trump for the presidency.

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Chiafalo explained that as a Democrat, he's pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton, but he's not going to.

He's also encouraging electors pledged to vote for Trump to do the same.

Chiafalo said that he is one of many electors - on both sides of the aisle - who have "grave concerns" about Trump's fitness for office, so he's encouraging all electors to strongly reconsider their vote.

"That's just silly," Carlson said, arguing that's unconstitutional and no group of electors has ever handed the presidency to someone other than the winner of the Electoral College.

"This is totally without precedent," Carlson said. "You don't have the authority to go against the will of the country, unless you have an authority I don't know about."

Watch the discussion above.

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