Each time President-elect Donald Trump holds a "thank you" rally, the crowd drowns him out with chants of "lock her up" toward Hillary Clinton. 

On "Hannity," Judge Jeanine Pirro was asked whether the investigations into Clinton's private email server and the family's foundation will continue once the Trump administration takes over.

Pirro said she believes it's all about the foundation, explaining that the server was meant to hide serious crimes within the organization. 

"It's about a slush fund. ... They're going after money laundering, conspiracy, RICO, corruption," said Pirro.

She said Trump should let the FBI handle the matter and not "prejudge" the situation, as President Obama did in a "60 Minutes" interview.

Pirro said based on the information that has come out, she believes evidence must be presented to a grand jury. 

She noted the 10-year prison sentence handed down to former Democratic congressman Chaka Fattah for racketeering, fraud and money laundering. 

The judge argued that failure to pursue a case against the Clintons will show Americans that "there is no such thing as equal justice under the law in the United States, and that if you're African-American you may be going to jail but not if you're a Clinton."

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