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During his final press conference of 2016 at the White House today, President Obama said that Republican voters' support for Russian President Vladimir Putin would have Ronald Reagan "rolling over in his grave."

Obama said he has great confidence in the intelligence community's conclusion that the Russian government meddled in the U.S. election, and not much happens in Russia without Putin knowing about it.

He pointed out that President-elect Donald Trump has been very complimentary of Putin, and a recent survey found that 37 percent of Republican voters actually approve of the the Russian leader.

"Over a third of Republican voters approve of Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB. Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave," Obama said.

President Obama also addressed the humanitarian crisis that has been unfolding in Aleppo, Syria.

Obama said that thousands and thousands of civilians have been killed, and their blood is on the hands of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his allies, Russia and Iran.

He accused Assad - and those states that are propping him up - of "horrific violations" of international law as they retook the rebel-held city.

"Over the long term, the Assad regime cannot slaughter its way to legitimacy," Obama stated.

He called for an impartial international observer force in Aleppo that can coordinate an orderly evacuation, in addition to full access for humanitarian aid.

Watch Obama's remarks above.

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