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Looks like Santa Claus will have one less reindeer to help guide his sleigh this Christmas...

Maryland teen Ryan Manchester shot and killed a deer in his living room on Dec. 5 after the animal ran through the home's front door, The Frederick News-Post reported.

He initially thought the deer was a person trying to break into his home, but soon realized it was a deer thrashing the living room and knocking down his family's Christmas tree.

Manchester recorded a video on his phone while the deer was inside his home, which he posted to Twitter.


Manchester said he first called 911.

"I told them what was happening and they didn't really seem to have any urgency, he said. "I don't think they knew how much damage it was doing.

"So I asked them if I should shoot it. They didn't tell me to shoot it. But they didn't tell me not to shoot it. So I was like, I'm probably gonna shoot it.'"

He then called his father asking for the key to the family's gun cabinet. As the deer continued to cause damage, he shot the deer once in the head and once in shoulder, killing the animal.

"I'm glad I shot it," the teen said. "It caused a lot of damage. I know people will judge me for it, but I don't care.

"If it happens to them, they don't have to shoot it. But after it did all that, it wasn't leaving alive."

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