Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta penned a scathing op-ed, suggesting that the FBI and James Comey are to blame for the candidate's loss. 

Podesta wrote in the Washington Post that the FBI is "deeply broken," accusing Director Comey of ignoring Russian hacking while focusing on the "overblown" email scandal. 

"Comparing the FBI's massive response to the overblown email scandal with the seemingly lackadaisical response to the very real Russian plot to subvert a national election shows that something is deeply broken at the FBI," he argued.

He called for Electoral College members to receive a briefing this weekend on "Russia’s interference in our election" and said Congress should should do "a far-reaching, bipartisan independent investigation modeled on the 9/11 Commission."

On "America's Newsroom," Newt Gingrich blasted Podesta and other Democrats for refusing to accept the election outcome and denying the real reasons for Trump's victory.

"Podesta is desperately trying to find somebody else to say, it wasn't my fault that I was a stupid campaign manager, somebody else did it to us. It's beyond my control. Well, nice try," the former House Speaker said. 

He said Podesta is seen as the "biggest loser" around Washington right now, with many big liberal donors angry at the way the campaign was run. 

Gingrich said nobody forced Clinton and her team to put a "server in her basement," delete 33,000 emails and leave information vulnerable to cyber-intrusion.

Watch the full segment above.

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