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How would you like to wake up to this?

A California couple's night of sleep was suddenly interrupted in the wee hours by their barking dogs. 

Suspecting something was outside the house, Peter Rauenbuehler flipped on an outside light and lo and behold, his home surveillance camera revealed a mountain lion on his porch. 

Not only that, the predator was dragging a huge deer carcass with him. 

The viral video begins with the sound of the dogs and only a set of eyes can be seen moving about outside the window. 

When the light was flipped on, the mountain lion appeared. He then scattered, dragging the deer with him. 

According to KRON-TV, the deer carcass was found nearby after police and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife responded.

Rauenbuehler, who lives in Hillsborough outside San Francisco, said it was the first time he's seen a mountain lion on his property. 

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