Instead of making a litany of excuses, the Democratic Party needs to take an in-depth look at why they were soundly defeated in November, Karl Rove argued today in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. 

The architect of George W. Bush's two presidential election victories said that whether it's FBI Director James Comey, white supremacy or the Electoral College, Democrats are refusing to face reality. 

In the article, Rove debunked these arguments, including the idea that electors should choose Hillary Clinton because she won the popular vote. 

It isn’t the Founders’ fault that the Clinton campaign failed to turn out African-American voters in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Milwaukee. The Electoral College didn’t force blue-collar voters and rural Democrats in the Midwest to defect from the Democratic Party.

What about the notion - most recently argued by the Clinton campaign's communications director Jennifer Palmieri - that Trump won the White House by giving "a platform to white supremacists"?

Rove wrote: 

If Mr. Trump had appealed to white supremacy, it would have provoked a reaction in the form of a larger minority turnout for Democrats. Yet Mrs. Clinton received fewer African-American votes—and a smaller percentage of them—than Democrats did four years ago.

And of course, many Democrats believe that FBI Director James Comey is the biggest reason Clinton lost due to his October announcement about the FBI looking into additional emails from her private server.

Rove called that "baloney." 

Mr. Comey’s real electoral intervention came in July, when he overstepped his bounds and decided in the Justice Department’s stead that Mrs. Clinton would not be charged over her private email server. The FBI director did more to help Mrs. Clinton in the election than to hurt her.

And on the hacked emails given to WikiLeaks, Rove said those disclosures "did not create any new questions about Mrs. Clinton’s character," as millions of American voters already held doubts about her honesty. 

He concluded that, "Democrats refuse to face the truth: They lost the presidency principally because voters demanded change. Mr. Trump promised it in abundance, while Mrs. Clinton represented the status quo."

Rove joined Martha MacCallum this morning, advising Democrats to move off of their message of "big government" solutions and come up with a platform that works across the country, not just in coastal blue states. 

Watch his comments above. 

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