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Meghan McCain said today that the "pearl-clutching" by Democrats over Russia and national security is "absolutely absurd."

McCain, joined Thursday on "Outnumbered" by Sandra Smith, Harris Faulkner, Mike Huckabee and Megyn Kelly, discussed a new report alleging Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in the hacking of documents which were provided to WikiLeaks. 

"Any pearl clutching on the left that they have ever cared about national security with Russia is ridiculous, and they only care now because it's political expediency," McCain argued.

McCain recalled that in 2012, President Obama mocked Mitt Romney after the then-presidential candidate called Russia our top geopolitical foe.

During a presidential debate, Obama quipped to Romney that "the 1980s are calling and asking for their foreign policy back."

Meanwhile, President-elect Donald Trump is also questioning why Democrats are just now raising the issue of alleged election interference by Russia.

Megyn Kelly said the allegations of Russian involvement in the hacked emails were well-known during the campaign and widely reported.

"Every time you'd have a Democrat or a Hillary defender on the program, they'd start with, 'we shouldn't be discussing [WikiLeaks] at all. Russia, Russia, Russia," she said.

On the other hand, McCain also noted that polls show increasing favorability ratings for Putin among Republicans. McCain expressed concern about the normalizing of a "murderous KGB dictator."

Watch the above segment, and tell us your thoughts.

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