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Google just released the top search terms of 2016, and President-elect Donald Trump was the most-searched person of the year.

Globally, Pokemon Go was more searched than any other term, followed by iPhone 7.

The U.S. president-elect came in third, ahead of other big 2016 names like Prince, David Bowie, Hillary Clinton and Michael Phelps.

Globally, these were the top-trending Google searches for the year:

1. Pokémon Go
2. iPhone 7
3. Donald Trump
4. Prince
5. Powerball
6. David Bowie
7. Deadpool
8. Olympics
9. Slither.io
10. Suicide Squad

In the U.S., the top overall Google search terms were:

1. Powerball
2. Prince
3. Hurricane Matthew
4. Pokémon Go
5. Slither.io
6. Olympics
7. David Bowie
8. Trump
9. Election
10. Hillary Clinton

Check out Google's full lists, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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