A Democratic congressman wants Monday's Electoral College votes to be postponed so that electors can receive an intelligence briefing on alleged Russian meddling in the election. 

According to AP, Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) said electors should have the chance to receive "all information relevant to this interference."

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace reacted this afternoon, expressing doubts that the classified briefings could take place before Monday. 

A total of 69 electors, all Democrats except one, have demanded they receive the briefing before voting. 

Wallace noted that U.S. intelligence agencies are not even ready to brief Congress on the matter.

"All of this seems to be an attempt to either overturn or somehow damage Donald Trump's victory in the election," he said.

In a must-see interview yesterday on Fox Business Network, Neil Cavuto grilled California elector Christine Pelosi on the real motivations for the calls for a briefing on the hacking. 

Pelosi was adamant that she and other electors are not attempting to flip the election results.

Chris will talk to Pelosi and another Electoral College member on "Fox News Sunday," so tune in at 2pm and 10pm ET this Sunday

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