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A Colorado school district is taking extra caution to ensure the safety of its students.

School officials in Hanover, a rural part of the state outside Colorado Springs, voted 3-2 Wednesday in favor of allowing "qualified teachers" to volunteer to be armed on the job, local ABC affiliate KRDO reported.

The measure passed four years to the day after 20 children and six school personnel were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Mark McPherson, president of the Hanover School District's Board of Education, joined Jenna Lee Thursday on "Happening Now" to discuss the resolution.

McPherson said the idea was first brought up in June over concerns that the schools in the district would require higher response times in the event of an emergency given their distance from police headquarters.

"We've got a great sheriffs' department, but it does take them 20-30 minutes to get to our location," he said.

As part of the measure, gun-carrying teachers would be required to have permits and take a gun safety course. 

While the purpose of the measure is to keep children safe, some parents are divided on the issue, saying some teachers have "anger issues" and would be a threat carrying a gun.

Other school districts in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and California have adopted similar policies for teachers.

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