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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is one of the Democratic lawmakers pushing for a bipartisan commission to investigate alleged election-related Russian cyber-attacks.

Tonight, Tucker Carlson asked Swalwell to provide any evidence that Russian hacking influenced the outcome of the election.

Swalwell said there's enough evidence that the Russian government meddled in the U.S. election to move forward with an investigation.

"It would serve us all if we had an independent commission to say once and for all who did this, how they did this, and make recommendations so it never happens again," Swalwell said.

Carlson said he believes that Russia wants to affect elections in the U.S. - and other countries - but he argued that there's no evidence that Russia had a material effect on the outcome of the election.

"What specific piece of information that they got onto WikiLeaks moved enough votes to make Hillary Clinton the loser and Trump the winner?" Carlson asked. "If it didn't have an effect, then who cares?"

Swalwell said he doesn't have hard evidence that Russia did or did not influence the election, but the investigation would be a signal to the world that America will not tolerate foreign governments interfering in our democracy.

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