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More than half of Americans are hopeful about the direction of America under President-elect Donald Trump, according to a new Fox News poll.

The survey of 1,034 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide found that more than one-third of voters have a positive outlook for Trump - 11 percent saying he will be "one of the greatest" presidents and 25 percent saying he will be "above average." 16 percent said history will judge him as an "average" commander-in-chief.

Meantime, 31 percent said he will go down as "one of the worst" presidents, and 12 percent said he would be "below average."

The numbers suggest that the bar is lower for Trump than it was for President Obama. A month after Obama won the 2008 election, 19 percent said he would be one of the country’s greatest presidents, 43 percent a “good” president, and just six percent expected him to be one of the worst.

The poll also found that 59 percent of voters feel hopeful about the outcome of the election. That’s more than feel relieved (50 percent), embarrassed (45 percent), excited (43 percent), scared (41 percent), or empowered (41 percent).  About one-third feels angry (37 percent) or depressed (30 percent).

As for election-related Russian cyber-attacks, a majority of voters (59 percent) said the hacking had no real effect on the presidential race

See the full poll results, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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