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As a growing number of Electoral College voters demand an intelligence briefing on Russian hacking, Neil Cavuto faced off with a California elector who is leading the effort

Christine Pelosi, daughter of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), argued that electors must know before their votes are cast on Monday whether Russia intentionally interfered in the election in order to help Donald Trump. 

Cavuto said he remains "cynical" of this request for a classified briefing, continually pressing Pelosi for an answer on whether this is all aimed at hurting Trump and the credibility of his election. 

"You would do the same if this were reversed?" he asked. 

Pelosi said Republicans in Congress would have called for hearings immediately if the reverse had occurred. 

"I am always for more transparency," she said, arguing that Trump could potentially be blackmailed by Russia. 

Pelosi said the Russian hacking and the WikiLeaks releases "absolutely" affected the outcome of the election.  

Cavuto countered that Democrats, including Pelosi, seem to be trying to convince Republican electors to flip their votes and deny Trump from reaching 270. 

Pelosi called that a "lie" that could threaten her personal safety. 

"Do you want them to switch their votes, yes or no?" Cavuto asked. 

Pelosi answered that she simply wants the information from the briefing and will not prejudge it, adamantly stating that she is not trying to convince electors to go against the election results. 

Watch the FBN clip above.

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