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Wednesday on "Outnumbered," the panel discussed LeBron James' decision to wear a safety pin on the cover of his Sportsperson of the Year Sports Illustrated issue.

The panel, which featured Sandra Smith, David Asman, Eboni Williams and Meghan McCain and was moderated by Harris Faulkner, shared differing opinions on LeBron's form of protest.

"This is clearly a statement if that is why he is wearing this safety pin, and a lot of people are just exhausted from it," Smith said. "Let's keep politics out of sports."

While James was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter during the campaign trail, he said in the article that he hopes Donald Trump will be "one of the best presidents ever, for all our sakes."

"He's (James) not a never-Trump person entirely," Asman said. "He's wishing him the best, which is something not all Hillary supporters have done."

In comparison to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem, McCain defended James' form of peaceful protest.

"This is the type of protesting I can handle," she said. "I don't love it, but I can handle it."

Williams said she supports James expressing his political views.

"I have no desire for our athletes not to have a political voice because historically they have, and I think they're entitled to it," she said.

Watch the above segment, and tell us what you think about LeBron's cover.


Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James is using his platform to send a message to President-elect Donald Trump.

Appearing on the cover of the December issue of Sports Illustrated after being named Sportsperson of the Year, James sported a safety pin, a symbol for those who feel they will be disenfranchised by Trump's presidency.

This group includes women, minorities and immigrants.

James campaigned in Cleveland two days before the election to express his support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who lost the state of Ohio by eight points in the election.

Last week, when the Cavs traveled to New York to play the Knicks, James and some of his teammates refused to stay at the Trump SoHo hotel, choosing other accommodations instead. 

We told you about the safety pin movement in the days after Trump's victory. 

Some Americans were wearing them on their shirts to show they were a so-called 'safe space' for others fearful of a Trump presidency.

The #SafetyPin movement actually began in Britain over the summer following the Brexit vote, in which the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.

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