Some are calling for Electoral College electors to receive an intelligence briefing before the Dec. 19 vote to formalize the election results. 

A Democratic congressman called on electors to vote against President-elect Donald Trump regardless of the election results in their state. 

On Fox Business Network today, Neil Cavuto discussed the unprecedented situation with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), who said Russian interference in the election must be taken seriously. 

Cavuto pointed out numerous examples of U.S. intelligence being inaccurate after the CIA and other agencies reportedly concluded that Moscow directed cyberattacks in order to help Trump. 

He asked Richardson why electors should receive a classified briefing unless the ultimate goal is for them to vote against Trump. 

"What's the purpose of this? ... Do you want them to vote differently because they find out Russia was involved?" he asked. 

Richardson said electors should "vote their conscience," but he said he doesn't expect the outcome to be changed. 

"It's in the national interest that there be open transparency," Richardson said, calling out ties to Russia within the Trump team. 

Cavuto countered that it seems like this effort is "in Democrats' interest to deny the Republican who won" from taking office and plant "seeds of doubt" in the electors' minds. 

Watch the full back-and-forth above and don't miss more from Neil Cavuto on "Your World," weekdays at 4pm ET on Fox News Channel. 

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