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U.S Marine veteran Philip Haley built up an impressive collection of Christmas cards over the years.

Unfortunately, the 95-year-old Denham Springs, La., native lost that collection in the historic floods that hit his town in August.

Slowly but surely however, his collection is being rebuilt, as the nonprofit organization Honor Flight, which is dedicated to providing veterans with honor and closure, has stepped in to help.

Haley's granddaughter Sarah Haley Cannon requested that Honor Flight begin a Christmas card campaign to bring her grandpa some holiday cheer.

Haley joined the Marines at age 18 to fight in World War II.  He was captured on Corregidor Island in the Philippines in 1942 and spent three and half years in a Japanese POW camp in Mudken, China.

He was declared missing in action but always had the feeling he would get out safely.

"I never had a reason to think I wouldn't," he said. "The good Lord took care of me."

Upon returning home, he frequently discussed his POW experience and appeared in Veterans' Day parades. He began receiving thank you cards from students, neighbors, church members and even strangers, and he kept every one.

As the process to rebuild his home continues, the Christmas cards are piling up. He is currently in an assisted living facility but says he enjoys driving to his home each day to pick up the mail.

If you would like to send a card, the DCA Honor Flight Chapter has posted a mail request for Haley on its main website containing his home address.

Given the events of the past year, he'd truly love to hear from you.

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