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Tucker Carlson debated a New York State college professor who sent an email to 600 colleagues believed to have voted for President-elect Donald Trump, asking why they did so.

SUNY-Geneseo mathematics Professor Tony Macula asked colleagues to respond to why they "voted for a candidate who embodies the white power movement endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi[sm].


Macula said that casting a vote for a "candidate who doesn't embody the values of the preamble of the Constitution," which he delineated as "honesty, tolerance, equal protection and respect," is civically irresponsible.

Carlson responded, saying Macula's description was simply that of someone he "disagreed" with, and couldn't be "irresponsible".

Macula faulted Trump for allegedly retweeting white supremacists 75 times and not refuting support from Klan sympathizers, including those in North Carolina who marched in his honor.

Carlson called such a requirement a representation of McCarthyism.

Macula said Trump is not a white supremacist, but that he has been "claimed... as their leader," and embodies their movement through his plan to wall-off the Mexican border.

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