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A professor at a southern California college went on a diatribe against President-elect Donald Trump, and the unnamed student who recorded her may be facing punishment.

Olga Perez Stable Cox, who teaches human sexuality at Orange Coast College, told students that Americans were collectively "assaulted" on Election Day, calling Trump's election an "act of terrorism" and that the "leaders of the assault are among us."

She later asked students who voted for the New York City businessman to stand up, but no one did, leading Cox to call Trump supporters "cowards".

After the school's College Republican chapter posted the video to Facebook, the teachers' union threatened legal action against the student videographer, once identified, CR president Josh Recalde-Martinez said.

The union "is defending a teacher who says Trump is a white supremacist," attorney Shawn Steel said, adding that Cox is trying to "identify, humiliate and shame" those she disagreed with.

"She is unfit to be in the classroom," Steel said.

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