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"Saturday Night Live" spoofed President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet nominees thus far, and featured a 'new' choice to lead the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Kate McKinnon returned as top Trump advisor 'Kellyanne Conway' to discuss recent cabinet picks with Beck Bennett's 'Jake Tapper.'

Near the end of the interview, "high school science teacher" Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, was introduced as Trump's 'new' choice to head the DEA.

Cranston's White was the main character, a New Mexico teacher-turned-methamphetamine manufacturer and drug kingpin, on the program "Breaking Bad".

Without referencing his real identity, White said he came to the table "highly recommended by [chief strategist] Steve Bannon."

"I know the DEA better than anyone," White said, adding that he supported Trump's idea of building a border wall because it would mean "less competition" from Mexico.

"It's time to make America cook again," White concluded.

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