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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) joined Howard Kurtz to discuss Donald Trump's occasional disagreements with the media, and whether he would or should restrict media access to the White House.

Many observers have said Trump's online presence is a press office of sorts in itself.

Kurtz noted Trump has recently tweeted about Boeing's consideration of relocating American jobs to Mexico, and was also accused of "cyber-bullying" for putting out a statement on Twitter critical of steelworkers union official Chuck Jones.

"It seems to work for him," Gingrich said, "if he can eat up enough days [of coverage] on his own terms, it's winning."

Gingrich noted it seems unlikely that Trump will greatly diminish or abolish the White House Press Office-- in existence since 1929-- but said that sometimes reporters in the briefing room can become too comfortable.

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