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Rudy Giuliani fired back at some Democrats' criticism of President-elect Donald Trump considering or nominating several military officers for his Cabinet.

Trump has thus far appointed Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.] to be his National Security Adviser, and nominated Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis [Ret.] as secretary of defense, Gen. John Kelly [Ret.] as DHS secretary and is considering Gen. David Petraeus [Ret.] for secretary of state.

Giuliani said he was "angry" at critiques of Trump's decisions.

"General Petraeus I trust with anything... When it becomes a liability that you are a general officer of the United States Army in this country, then there is something wrong with the left wing of this country."

He noted that President Obama nominated a few military officers to his cabinet as well: Admiral John Kirby currently serves as Pentagon spokesman and Gen. Eric Shinseki [Ret.] was a former veterans' affairs secretary.

"Generals have very differing opinions... Most of them are probably a little bit more right[-wing]. But I know some that are way off on the left" he said.

Giuliani also again reacted to his withdrawal from consideration for a cabinet position,

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