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Author Deneen Borelli said Friday that part of the reason some liberal Americans are protesting President-elect Donald Trump's election is because he has promised to fix inner cities.

Borelli agreed with Sean Hannity in that if Trump offers pro-growth policies for neglected urban communities, it could result in a political demographic shift that may hurt Democrats.

"That's why the Left is still having their temper tantrum," she said, citing those who have marched or burned American flags in protest following Trump's victory.

She said Trump's policies will turn around otherwise blighted inner-city neighborhoods and spur job growth, in contrast to the results of President Obama's eight years in office in the same arena.

Regarding recent controversy over monikered 'fake news', Borelli said it was unfortunate that some in the left wing of the media ran what she said was a fictionalized account of the Michael Brown incident in Missouri, by reporting on the "hands up, don't shoot" narrative.

"Police officers were killed as a result of this lie," she said.

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