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Saturday on "Cashin' In", Eric Bolling said President-elect Donald Trump will put an end to the globalism-fueled cycle that is boosting bank executives and other CEOs' earnings at the expense of the American worker.

Bolling said Americans have been told by businessmen and politicians that globalization is the "way, the truth and the light called progress," and that Trump's election threatens that system.

Outsourcing jobs to countries with lower labor costs allowed these folks to get very rich, while the out-of-work American began to rely on government programs like welfare, he said.

"The government greased the system," Bolling said, adding that millions of voters continue to elect globalist politicians and those who get contributions from such executives out of fear of losing their financial support.

"Banksters got massive wealth, CEO's got rich... [but] someone has to pick up the tab or take out the garbage," he said, referring to the average American who has either lost their job or suffered wage stagnation.

Bolling said he considers Trump a nationalist, and therefore the enemy of globalist politicians and executives.

"Change is on its way," he said.

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