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Remember the heroic pitbull puppy that saved a Brooklyn, N.Y., teen from a would-be rapist?

Well, that pup has earned his treat.

Apollo, a pitbull credited with saving its owner's girlfriend from a possible sexual assault, was honored Thursday during a special ceremony at New York City's Hotel Pennsylvania.

Following a limo ride to the venue, the canine was showered with gifts and a special cake.

Maya Fairweather, 18, told the New York Post in a Nov. 30 story that she was approached from behind in a Brooklyn park one night while taking Apollo for a walk. The assailant attempted to remove her pants, at which point Apollo sprung into action.

The five-month-old puppy chomped on the leg of the attacker, who struggled to free himself before running away.

"If you're good to your dog, your dog is good to you," Fairweather said.

"He's a great dog. I actually am proud because I wasn't there," said Apollo's owner Carlos Guzman. 

"That was actually my job to be there and help her out on that occasion, but at least Apollo was with her."

Watch the above clip to learn more about this heroic pitbull.

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