An Ohio State campus police officer heroically stopped a terrorist who rammed students with his car and stabbed others.

But to some on the Columbus campus, the actions of Alan Horujko were the latest example of a police officer unfairly targeting a non-white individual.

The OSU Coalition for Black Liberation held a rally on campus Wednesday to protest non-white males who've been killed by police officers. They included the Somali attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, on a list of those killed.

Judge Jeanine Pirro weighed in this morning on "Fox & Friends," first with a laugh, before expressing her amazement at what is happening on American college campuses.

"What is wrong with us?!" she asked.

Pirro noted that Artan was welcomed into this country as a refugee with his mother and six siblings and attended college with taxpayers footing the bill. 

She said that according to these anti-police protesters, Officer Horujko should have let Artan exhaust himself and harm more innocent people before placing him in handcuffs. 

The judge said the protesters should read up on "criminal justice 101."

"When someone is trying to kill someone else - imagine someone that you love - maybe a cop ought to use the force that we, a civilized society, give him to kill someone. And if you can't understand that in grammar school, then you don't belong in college!" said Pirro.

Watch her full reaction above! Plus, don't miss Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday at 9pm ET on Fox News Channel!

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