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The collective freak-out by the "crybaby left" is now reaching mind-numbing levels, Sean Hannity said in his monologue Thursday night. 

He rattled off numerous examples of recent "unhinged" comments by liberals, who are warning about what will happen under President-elect Donald Trump.

Filmmaker Michael Moore predicted that Republicans will convene in Congress on Jan. 21 - the day after Trump's inauguration - to pass "law after law after law" for him to sign. 

"It's going to be one piece of suffering against people after another," he said, calling on the Democrats to do everything they can stop the "onslaught." 

Sean's response? 

"Michael, calm down. The suffering happened under Obama. 13 million more Americans on food stamps. Eight million more in poverty. Lowest labor participation rate since the 70's. That's [from] Obama's policies," said Hannity.

Also this week, Joy Behar questioned Trump's mental state on the "The View," while co-host Whoopi Goldberg told female viewers to "watch your uterus."

Watch Hannity's full monologue above and the discussion with Laura Ingraham below.

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