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Fashion designers have been making their voices heard following President-elect Donald Trump's victory. 

The latest to weigh in is Christian Siriano, who declined to answer when asked by "Access Hollywood" whether he would dress the incoming First Lady Melania Trump. 

"I'll let you know. I think I need to see how it goes. That's my diplomatic answer," he said.

Siriano earned praise for dressing Michelle Obama in a sleeveless blue dress for her speech at the DNC this past summer.

He added that as a young gay fashion designer, he cannot commit to working with Mrs. Trump until he sees her husband's policies as president.

"It would be hard for anyone, especially for someone like myself, a young gay fashion designer, I can’t support a campaign where I might not have the same rights. I just got married. ... Hopefully things will be great," he said.

In a 2010 Facebook video, Melania praised Siriano for the black gown he designed for her for that year's Met Gala. In choosing Siriano, she called him "fierce, young, glamorous, elegant, sexy, big, and beautiful."

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On the other hand, 77-year-old Venezuelan-born designer Carolina Herrera said she "of course" would be willing to dress Mrs. Trump. 

She explained that it's an honor to be asked and it's about the country, not the designer.

"It is an honor to dress the first ladies of the country and it's something to do for the United States. It's not for myself. It's for the public," said Herrera.

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