The hit docu-series Legends & Lies concludes its riveting second season on Sunday, January 1st on Fox News Channel!

In the final episode of "Legends & Lies: The Patriots," you get to relive the American Revolution, as it really happened.

In "How Freedom Was Won," viewers will take a chronological march through the American Revolution, seeing the struggle and personal sacrifice of our patriot heroes.

Focusing in on the action, drama and intrigue of the entire revolutionary period, this episode encapsulates the pivotal moments that led to the very unlikely story of American independence.

Don't miss the exciting conclusion of "Legends & Lies: The Patriots" on Sunday, January 1st at 8:00pm & 11:00pm ET. Watch a preview clip above.

Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor and executive producer of the series, narrates the episodes.

The series is produced by Warm Springs Productions, which is known for such programs as The History Channel’s "Mountain Men," Animal Planet’s "American River Renegades" and HGTV’s "Log Cabin Living."