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President-elect Donald Trump has received criticism for nominating too many former generals for cabinet and top administration posts, and Karl Rove thinks that criticism is unfounded.

Some on the left have even used the word "junta" - which refers to government by the military - to describe Trump's cabinet. 

Rove, the former senior advisor to President George W. Bush and a Fox News contributor, joined Jon Scott Thursday on Happening Now to discuss Trump's recent military nominees.

To date, Trump has nominated retired generals James "Mad Dog" Mattis (defense secretary), Michael Flynn (White House national security advisor) and John Kelly (homeland security secretary). He is also considering retired Gen. David Petraeus for secretary of state.

"Stepping back for just a minute, when did we get to be a country where military service was a disqualification for public service in the president's cabinet?" Rove said.

Mentioning other examples, Rove cited President William McKinley, who had three former military members in his cabinet of eight men, and President Richard Nixon, who had seven former military members in his cabinet of 12 men.

Listen to Rove's comments above, and tell us what you think.

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