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Tucker Carlson said that many on the Left found President-elect Donald Trump being named TIME's Person of the Year a 'trigger' and a reminder that he indeed will become their Commander-in-Chief.

Former California House candidate Erin Schrode (D) noted on Twitter that Adolf Hitler was TIME's Man of the Year in 1938, and that Trump was named as such in 2016, asking followers to discuss the dichotomy.

"There are a lot of lessons we can learn from the 1930s," she said, adding that the two are not identical situations.

She said it was important that Americans not "normalize" Trump's campaign rhetoric, or his "ghastly" cabinet nominees, and said there has been an increase in hate crimes in the United States.

Carlson responded that "irony alarms" were going off, as Schrode accused Trump of engaging in "hate speech", while she previously compared the New York businessman to the former leader of the German Nazi Party.

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