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Is President-elect Donald Trump softening his position on illegal immigrants in the United States? 

In an interview with Time magazine, Trump said his administration would "work something out" with DREAMers - those who came here illegally as children and are now able to work in the United States due to an executive order issued by President Obama.

The former Virginia co-chair of Trump's campaign Corey Stewart (R-Prince William) said on "The Kelly File" Trump has to follow through on his promises to curb illegal immigration.

"We have to establish law and order in our immigration system," Stewart said, "We have to see what he does... because it is such an important issue."

He said Trump needs to establish that he's serious on keeping promises, on issues such as the border wall and legally handling illegal immigrants, after the candidate appeared to soften his rhetoric on the topic.

Stewart noted that 57 percent of immigrant DREAMers are adults, and referenced an incident in which one immigrant pleaded guilty to killing a Bristow, Va. nun.

Stewart was relieved of his campaign position after holding a protest rally in front of the Republican National Committee's Capitol Hill headquarters earlier this year.

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