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'The Blaze' commentator Tomi Lahren reacted to her recent contentious interview with liberal "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah, and criticized the mainstream media for "catering to the coasts."

Lahren told Noah she "doesn't see color" when it comes to diversity, to which Noah remarked that she would have trouble "at a traffic light."

She said she doesn't expect "liberal or comedy shows" to be fair to conservatives or right-leaning thinkers.

"I also like to pick apart the mainstream media because I think in large part they cater to the coasts," and not "Middle America", Lahren said.

She pointed to President-elect Donald Trump's election as evidence that residents of the east and west coasts are not the only ones with "opinions and voices".

Lahren said indoctrination at liberal colleges is where such ideologies as Noah's and his audience's are welcome to flourish.

Watch Lahren's face-off with Noah below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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