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"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara is being sued by her two frozen embryos for the right-to-live, the New York Post's Page Six reported.

According to sources, the suit was filed in the state of Louisiana under the premise that the embryos, named Emma and Isabella, have claims to money in the state and in order to inherit that money, they must be brought to life.

Family law attorney Randy Kessler joined Bill Hemmer Wednesday on America's Newsroom to shed light upon the new developments in this ongoing legal battle.

Kessler said he believes Vergara's former fiancé Nick Loeb, a 41-year-old businessman, is behind the lawsuit, since he initially tried to bring the case in the state of California. Hemmer though said he reached out to Loeb, who claimed he was not involved in the case.

Kessler said Vergara has plenty of defense in this particular case.

"People that are not people can't bring lawsuits. Dead people can't bring lawsuits. ... But these are not even dead people," Kessler said. "They were not people in the first place according to our Supreme Court."

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