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Two politicians who have openly clashed in the past met in New York City to discuss their major sticking point: immigration.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was at Trump Tower Wednesday to meet with President-elect Donald Trump, who vehemently attacked Emanuel and the city of Chicago during his presidential campaign.

Wall Street Journal national politics reporter Laura Meckler joined Shepard Smith Reporting and agreed with Smith that this meeting was quite surprising.

"I guess if he (Emanuel) thought his former boss Barack Obama could make nice, he can too," Meckler said. "Rahm Emanuel, while he is an extremely partisan figure and combative figure, he's also a deal maker. He's somebody that knows how to get in there in the arena, and clearly Trump Tower right now is the arena."

Late last week, Emanuel announced a plan for Chicago to fund a $1 million legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants living in the city, which he said would "always be a sanctuary city" despite the election of Trump.

According to a press release from Emanuel's office, the fund was created in partnership with the National Immigrant Justice Center to "provide immediate legal information, screenings, consultations and representation to individuals who may be at risk for deportation," since the election has created "anxiety and uncertainty" for these people. The money comes from a pool of $20 million initially set aside for Emanuel's property tax rebate program.

Be sure to watch the above clip to hear more about this meeting.

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