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A majority of respondents believe it's the government's responsibility to step in to prevent "fake news" stories from spreading online, a new Morning Consult poll found.

Thirty-two percent of those polled believe the government should be "very responsible," while 24 percent said the feds should be "somewhat responsible."

More respondents, however, believed that search engines like Google, social media companies like Twitter and Facebook and web service providers should take on the responsibility. 

Two-thirds said that search engines should do something to make sure people are not exposed to "fake news" stories, 63 percent said social media sites should take on the responsibility and 61 percent said web service providers should be responsible. 

A quarter of those polled said the reader should be "most responsible" for identifying fake news items, followed by social media sites (17 percent), the government (14 percent) and search engines (9 percent). 

The debate over fake news has intensified following the spread of an internet conspiracy theory called "Pizzagate." Over the weekend, an armed North Carolina man showed up to a Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant, Comet Ping Pong, and said he was there to "self-investigate" online claims that the restaurant was linked to a child sex ring. 

In the clip above, Sean Hannity discussed the issue of fake news after a CNN host labeled Donald Trump as a "conspiracy theorist" and accused the president-elect of spreading false information.

Hannity noted that the mainstream media, including CNN, is now lamenting the rise of "fake news" yet they have routinely ignored instances of the Obama administration putting out false information to the press.

Watch the segment above.

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