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In Wednesday's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly sounded off about President-elect Donald Trump being named TIME's Person of the Year.

Trump has promised to be a unifier as Commander-in-Chief, but O'Reilly said in places like his own hometown, the path will be difficult.

Nearly 80 percent of New York City voters supported Hillary Clinton, and only 18 percent for Trump, O'Reilly said, calling the Big Apple "rock-steady left."

Of the five boroughs, only Staten Island has a Republican voter majority.

"New York City is basically a welfare state," O'Reilly said, adding that the city is $100 billion in debt, while many of its residents' subsidies cost the city millions of dollars per month.

O'Reilly said those residents will never support Republicans, who often want to curtail such programs.

"The most powerful financial center in the world is basically a dependency," O'Reilly said, "Liberal politicians actually want dependency."

Trump, a Queens native, currently lives in Manhattan.

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