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Former "Dirty Jobs" host and "Deadliest Catch" narrator Mike Rowe sounded off about Tucker Carlson's recent interview with a Massachusetts college student who supported the removal of the American flag from his campus.

Old Glory was taken down from a flagpole and burned around Veterans' Day and Daniel Vogel defended the flag's removal to protest discriminatory behavior in America and to show his support for perceptively underprivileged workers.

"Nobody's disputing the right to do any of this stuff," Rowe said, asking rhetorically whether it was persuasive to desecrate a symbol that so many people care so much about.

Reacting to Vogel's mention of tradesmen and policy that encourages young people to attend expensive four-year institutions to attain a degree, rather than seek a trade, Rowe said it was simply a matter of public perception.

While politicians tend to say a "four-year degree is the best path", "after 40 years, we start to believe it," Rowe said.

"We ought to have permission to have a conversation on a return on our investment too," he said of public funding of undergraduate students at such institutions as Hampshire.

Rowe said his "Dirty Jobs" program showed Americans that many skilled blue-collar workers can be good at their trade, have fun doing it and make a fair living, which goes against narratives that advocate that young people must attend college and seek white-collar careers.

"...Chase opportunity [in blue-collar fields] and figure out a way to be good at them and love them," Rowe said.

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