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President-elect Donald Trump's favorability continues to increase, Frank Luntz said on Your World with Neil Cavuto.

According to Bloomberg News' latest national poll of 999 adults nationwide, Trump's favorability is up to 50 percent from 33 percent in August.

"I went back and looked at the change from the moment of election until 30 days from that, and Donald Trump has had the biggest surge in polling in terms of popularity of anyone who has been elected president since Ronald Reagan, including Ronald Reagan," Luntz said. "It really is significant...that 33 percent to 50 percent is remarkable."

Though 50 percent still puts Trump at a lower level than his predecessors one month after the election, Luntz pointed out that Trump started off with a much lower favorability rating than those predecessors.

He continued that this is going to be the "most optimistic Christmas" the nation has had since the election of Barack Obama eight years ago.

"There is a fundamental change in the expectations and outcome for the average American that nobody anticipated," Luntz said

Watch the clip above, and tell us if your favorability of Trump has improved or not and why.

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