What will the Democrats do now after President-elect Donald Trump's victory?

The "Outnumbered" hosts reacted to a new report from Politico on the new plot by many top Democratic operatives against Trump. 

"We're going to throw everything at him that he threw at us," one operative said in the article, which describes Hillary Clinton's team as "enraged" over the loss. 

Clinton's allies are reportedly eyeing a strategy based on Republicans' resistance to Barack Obama in 2008. 

Katie Pavlich argued that Democrats might have defeated Trump had they not chosen a candidate who was under FBI investigation and was viewed as dishonest by a majority of voters. She explained that Democrats assumed Obama's voters would automatically turn out in the same numbers for Clinton and now the party faces a "long road."

Pavlich believes many voters grew tired of being labeled as racists for criticizing Obama or for supporting voter ID laws.

"The left jumped the shark with their political correctness over and over again. ... People are so sick of these superficial arguments when their lives are at stake and they want changes," she said.  

Meghan McCain agreed that Democrats need to come up with a positive message instead of trying to scare Americans about Trump and call him a "Nazi."

Watch the full discussion above.

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