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A military mother who had been serving overseas for nearly a year gave her son an early Christmas surprise.

U.S. Navy Petty Officer Julie Workman, who's been deployed in Bahrain for 11 months, surprised 12-year-old Dillon when he was meeting Santa at SouthPark Mall in Strongville, Ohio.

In a heartwarming video posted on the mall's Facebook page, Dillon sits on Santa's lap for a photo. Workman sneaks up from behind and taps her son on the shoulder,

After a stunned moment of surprise, he leaps out of the chair and into her arms.

Workman told ABC News that she coordinated the surprise with her sister-in-law, who works at the mall, Dillon's father and even Santa himself!

“I’ve been stateside since early November, but I didn’t know when I was getting to actually come back to Ohio,” Workman said. “He knew I was in Virginia, but had no clue when I’d be home.”

“I was nervous. My palms were sweating, my stomach was all tight and I was waiting for the right moment,” she said. “I didn’t know why I was so anxious because this is my son. I was just so excited to see him.”

After a happy reunion and embrace, the mother and son sit down to take a photo with jolly old St. Nick.

Now that Workman is home to stay, the duo said they are looking forward to a very merry Christmas together.

Watch the heartwarming moment above.

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