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Meghan McCain said today she is "pleasantly surprised" with President-elect Donald Trump's transition four weeks after the election and suggested that liberals try to calm down.

Speaking on Outnumbered, McCain said she likes every person Trump has chosen so far and questioned why liberals are still "freaking out" about the results. 

She said Trump should be given a chance to be president without the "hysteria" from Democrats. 

"You have to let him get into office. You have to let him lead," she said. 

"This hysteria on the left is ultimately what is going to continue to kill them in every election because if every single thing President Trump now does is the end of the world, then no one is going to take you seriously."

Katie Pavlich called out the "double standard" in which conservatives are called racists for going after President Obama, but Nancy Pelosi can criticize Ben Carson's fitness to serve as HUD secretary without any consequence.

Pavlich said she expects the media to continue the same narratives because "they haven't learned a single lesson" since the election.

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